Mattress Comfort Test

It can be difficult to know exactly when you need a new mattress. We get asked a lot by reader “Do I need a new mattress?”. There is not an easy answer to this question however we’ll try and provide some answers to help you answer this question with the help of out mattress comfort test below.

Typically a traditional coil sprung mattress will need replacing every 6-8 years or so (depending on the quality of course) while a memory foam mattress will last 10-12 years.

It can be difficult to remember exactly how old your mattress is and of course wear and tear will vary over the years. Crucially the build quality of all mattresses varies enormously so their expected life is hard to explicitly state. All this makes it very hard to predict exactly when your mattress is due for replacement.

To help you we have put together this of tell tell signs thast your mattress may be at the end of it’s life.

  • Is you mattress over 6 years old?
  • Is you mattress no longer comfortable?
  • Remove the covers from your mattress, does it look excessively dirty, stained or worn?
  • Do you find you sleep better when staying elsewhere such as in a hotel or at a friends house?
  • Are you suffering from regular back or limb pain?
  • Does your mattress feel uneven, lumpy or can you feel the springs pushing through?
  • Do you wake up several times in the night feeling uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel excessive movements when your partner changes position on the bed?
  • Are the springs starting to squeak when you move about on the mattress?
  • With the cover off are there any signs of sagging or does the surface look uneven?

If the answer to two or more of the above questions are yes then your mattress may be at or near the end of it’s natural life. Over time the comfort provided by your mattress will decline, especially at the end of its life.

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