Increase Mattress Comfort: Mattress Toppers

One way you can increase your mattress comfort without having the expense of replacing your old mattress is to buy a mattress pad or topper. Mattress toppers are designed to extend the life of existing mattresses by adding an addition 5-20cm of padding to the top of your mattress, increasing the comfort and support it offers you.

Types of mattress toppers

1. Feather/Down Pads – This type offers more comfort  and ‘softness’ to the feel of your mattress.

2. Memory Foam Toppers – Memory foam toppers are generally more expensive than feather toppers but the add more support to your sleeping surface. As is the case with memory foam mattresses they mold to your body’s shape according to the pressure applied and temperature. When the pressure is removed they slowly revert back to their original flat shape. Recent improvements in these foam technologies now means that this type of mattress topper are much more effective and cost effective than they were just a few years ago.

As with mattresses the quality of topper you get will usually be correlated to the amount of money you pay for one. While you can buy a thin topper for under $50, you can spend as much as $1,000 on a high quality, high density one.

It is well worth remembering that you may be better off investing the money you would have spent on a topper towards a new mattress. Much will come down to your individual budget and the age and condition of you existing mattress. Just remember that the comfort your mattress provides you will not last forever so buying  a mattress topper may just extend the life of your exiting mattress until you can afford a new one.

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