How to Choose a Mattress

Not all mattresses are the same. You’ll need to consider a few factors when choosing a new mattress to ensure you choose the most comfortable for you. Below we’ve outlined some of the main things to think about when buying a new mattress.

Choose The Firmness To Suit You

The fist thing you’ll need to decide is the amount of firmness you require form you mattress. As a general rule, the heavier you are the firmer a mattress you should get. That said we are all different and each of our bodies will require a different amount of support when we sleep. Choosing the a comfortable mattress is a balance between finding one that is soft and comfortable yet offers enough support to you back and shoulders to remain comfortable in the long run.

If you are currently finding it hard to sleep well it could be a sign that you have the wrong type of mattress. Try to think back to when you last stayed at friends or in a hotel – was the mattress firm or soft and did you sleep well?

Types of Mattress

There are several types of mattress available to choose from;
Sprung Mattresses – These mattresses are the most popular and contain rows of metal springs tied together covered in padding. Generally speaking the more springs the mattress has the firmer and more durable (and more expensive!)it is.

Foam Mattresses – Rather than springs these mattresses are made up of a number of layers of foam. Firmness can vary depending on the exact combination of layers used. These kinds of mattresses have improved vastly over the last few years and now rival the best coil mattress in terms of comfort and durability.

Next on Your List Is the Size

If space and money is not an issue then buy the biggest mattress you can get. During the night the average sleeper tosses and turns up to 35 times per night. If you and your partner are both doing this in a small bed you can easily disturb your sleep as you knock into each other. Studies have shown that people sleep better when alone in a bed, therefore choosing a bigger mattress should mean both you and your partner get better quality sleep.

More expensive pocket sprung mattresses and high end memory foam try to minimize the effects you may feel if you partner move in the night by absorbing their movements and not passing them on to your side of the bed. Cheaper mattresses will no do this.

Hopefully now you have leaned a bit about how to choose a mattress, why not take a look at our in depth guide to mattresses sizes.

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