We continually receive question from our readers regarding mattress comfort. TO help our readers we’ll use this Frequently Asked Questions page to document our answers.

Q. How firm should my mattress be?

A. There are two factors you need to consider. The first is personal preference. Some people like firm mattresses while others prefer much softer ones. The second thing to consider is your size and weight. The less you weigh the ‘firmer’ a soft mattress will feel. If you are larger than average then you will probably need to look at the firm to very firm mattresses available.

Q. What is the best way to store an unused mattress?

A. If you need to store a mattreess for any length f time then it is best to do so with it standing upright along it’s side edge. Try going to a mattress store and ask them if they have any old plastic wrapping off display models that you could have. This will allow you to protect you mattress from dust during storage.

Q. What is the est way to remove a musty smell from a mattress?

A. If your mattress has a musty smell it could be due to damp. First ensure the room it is in is not suffering from damp. Assuming it isn’t first you need to air the mattress for at least one week in a well ventialted area. Under a car port is ideal as it is sheltered but allows the wind to pass by the mattress. Once fully dry give the mattress a thorough clean with a vacuum cleaner before spraying with a fabric odour remover.

Q. What type of mattress is good for back problems?

A. Well, this is not an easier one to answer and there is no right or wrong answer. However the general consensus is that memory foam mattresses tend to bet better for people who suffer from back pain. These types of mattresses tend to offer more even support to your body, placing less stress on your back or neck.

Q. How long should my mattress last?

A. Again there is no definite answer we can give here. Various factors such as quality of build, quality or materials used and the amount of use will play a major part in the length of your matreess. As a general rule a decent coil sprung mattress should usually last between 5-7 years while a modern memory foam mattress should last up to 10-12 years. That said you should always care for your mattress properly to ensure it’s life is maximized and keep a look out for signs of wear and tear.

Q. How can i get urine stain out of my mattress?

A. THis is a common problem, especially if you have young children. While there are many cleaning products on the market aimed at mattress cleaning using a mixture of vinegar and water it one of the best at tackling urine. Take a look at our complete guide to how to clean a mattress for more details on dealing with urine stained mattresses.

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